Camp on the beach right next to the ocean, wake up to the sound of the waves and monkeys, meet your neighbors, share, relax, enjoy... !


We offer 3 levels of belle tents for hire, you can book them for the whole event or only for the Indigenous Immersive or Dance Celebration.

     TRIPLE LOTUS: Gorgeous tear-drop shaped 5 m diameter lotus bell tent, 3.3 m tall in the center, 3 single pallet beds with 7 cm thick latex mattresses, bedding, electricity, fan, lamp, rug, cushions and lockable wooden chest. Maximum 3 adult guests per tent.     

     LOTUS DELUXE: Gorgeous tear-drop shaped 5 m diameter lotus bell tent, 3.3 m tall in the center, king size bed with carved headboard and 15 cm thick latex mattress, bedding, electricity, fan, lamp, rug, cushion and lockable wooden chest. The maximum is 2 guests per tent.

    LOTUS BELLE: Beautiful tear shaped 4 m diameter lotus belle tent, 3 m tall in the center, 2 single 7 cm thick latex mattresses on pallet beds, bedding, electricity, fan, lamp, rug, cushion and hand made Moroccan lockable wooden trunk to store your valuables. Max. 2 guests per tent.

    BARE TENT: Bare belle tent, 4 m diameter, pitched in designated area. No center pole. On its base price, it comes empty with no furniture, mattresses or electricity. The max. is 3 guests per tent. Soon we will add the option to book 1, 2, or 3 single latex mattresses. Keep tuned!

Lotus Glam Camp is situated in a secured area with its own showers, toilets and washing facilities. Bare Tents are pitched all together in a different area, sharing facilities with regular campers. 

Availability is very limited! Act soon so you dont miss your chance to enjoy the next level on festival dwelling!


regular camping

If you want to travel light but not yet ready for glam camping, we also have available single or double occupancy dome tents, air mattresses and self-inflatable sleeping pads for rent. We also offer 2 type of hammocks and tarps for extra protection for your tent or hammock.

Come to claim your camping gear at the info desk and go find your favorite spot to camp within the festival grounds.

SINGLE TENT: $50 +$5 fee
Double door, 2 x 1.80 m, polyester fabric with outer layer, no center pole.
DOUBLE TENT: $94 +$6 fee
Dome tent, 2.40 x 2.10 m, polyester fabric with outer layer and small front porch area, no center pole.
Single (1.86 x 60 x 3.5 cm): $23 +$2 fee
     Double (1.86 x 120 x 3.5 cm): $36 +$4 fee
TARP: $23 +$2 fee
Polyester, 3 x 3 m, pole height: 2m, to protect give your tent or hammock an extra protection against the rain and the heat from the sun.
     Traditional Woven Cotton: $41 + $4 fee
     Nylon w/Mosquito Net: $27 + $3 fee

To secure availability, you can book online clicking on the link below.
If still available, you might be able get them at the event's info desk without previous booking, first come first serve basis.

At the end of the event please, pack your camping equipment and drop it off at the Hub before you leave.


Keep the venue clean and respect the beautiful nature around you.
Please do not bring outside food items, beverages, alcohol, glass, weapons, trash, illegal items or pets.