terms & conditions


The following are the contract terms of the agreement to rent exhibit space from Tribal Gathering. It is agreed that each Exhibitor will abide by and be responsible for the rules and regulations of this agreement.

Please note your submission of this application indicates that you have read and understand the following terms:

1. The word 'Event' as used herein shall refer to Tribal Gathering 2018.

2. The word 'Producer' as used herein shall mean the producing organization, GeoParadise, agents or employees acting for and in the management of Tribal Gathering.

3. The word 'Exhibitor' as used herein shall mean an entity, an individual or group of individuals representing a business or organization, which will be conducting commercial activity at Event.

4. The Exhibitor's booth space, area, or display will be aesthetically pleasing and in-line with the look and feel of the festival. All Exhibitors must supply their own tools and equipment. This includes equipment to construct a booth and/or display merchandise.

5. Exhibitors are responsible for providing or arranging all necessary labour in transporting, erecting, dismantling or recreation of displays.

6. Food Exhibitor will provide all supplies relating to the exhibition and sale of food, including ice, refrigeration, stove and/or propane gas grill at the gathering site. Water access will be nearby, but Exhibitor needs to come prepared with big water containers and any necessary device to transport them from the nearest tap to the booth.

7. Food Exhibitors must provide GeoParadise with a list of all equipment that will be used within the booth space.

8. Exhibitor shall keep the area within and surrounding the premises free from all rubbish and debris. Exhibitor shall not produce non-compostable waste or distribute non-compostable containers, utensils, and packaging. This includes but is not limited to plastic dinnerware, plastic utensils, plastic bags, and other plastic items. Compostable plastics are not allowed, as they do not decompose quickly enough nor break all the way back down to life, but leave trace particles. No waxy coated paper plates, cups or bowls. Exhibitors are responsible for placing compost in bins available on-site.

9. The Exhibitor shall provide appropriate waste receptacles and shall be responsible to maintain their festival booth at all times in a clean and orderly manner.

10. Exhibitors using electricity shall maintain a safe electrical configuration and no consume no more than the allotted amount of power. Exhibitor is responsible for bringing appropriate outdoor extension cable for connecting to the power system. Periodic inspections will be done of Exhibitor's electrical configuration and power consumption.

11. Exhibitors may not operate electric generators.

12. Booth assignment will be at the sole and exclusive discretion of Producer. Exhibitor shall not assign, sublet or apportion the whole or any part of the space assigned or have representatives, equipment or materials from entities other than his/her own in the booth space, without the express written consent of Producer.

13. Exhibitors are responsible for complying with all appropriate national and local licensing and tax requirements. Exhibitor agrees to comply with all national and local ordinances, rules, regulations and orders which in any way affect or relate to or are applicable to Exhibitor's activities at the Event, including but not limited to any licensing and health department requirements. Producer will hold in good faith that Exhibitor is in compliance with necessary permissions to operate.

14. Each exhibitor shall agree to all forms of photography, video and audio recordings conducted by the Producer or its appointees, without compensation of persons, products or performances. Each Exhibitor hereby grants permission to use any or all of these photographs and recordings, without compensation, provided such use is in accordance with applicable laws.

15. Exhibitors agree to conduct themselves in a respectful, cooperative manner appropriate to the integrity of all Event attendees.

16. The use of any sound equipment is prohibited unless approved by Producer. Sound of any kind must not project outside the confines of the exhibitors booth, and Producer reserves the right to disallow any sound device if it is deemed to be in disturbance of others.

17. Exhibitor is strictly prohibited from having or selling on-site any substance or product considered illegal. Exhibitors are not allowed to sell alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages at Tribal Gathering.

18. Exhibitor shall hold harmless Producer from any and all damages and/or theft of merchandise or materials from contracted booth space. Producer does not warrant or otherwise ensure the exhibit will be free from theft, vandalism or other mishaps before, during or after Event closing. Exhibitor expressly waives any and all claims against Producer, its agents and employees which may arise as a result of security or staff failing to prevent harm to exhibitor's booth and property, or otherwise perform satisfactorily.

19. Exhibitor releases and forever discharge and hold harmless producer and its successors and assigns from any and all liability, claims, and demands of whatever kind of nature, either in law or in equity, which arise or may hereafter arise from my attendance and participation at Event.

I understand and acknowledge that this Release discharges Producer from any liability of claim that I may have against GeoParadise with respect to bodily injury, personal injury, illness, death, or property damage that may result from the services I provide to GeoParadise or occurring while I am exhibiting.

20. Exhibitor acknowledges and agrees that the booth shall be admitted and permitted to remain in the Event only upon continued strict compliance with the terms and conditions of this agreement and its standards. Notwithstanding such compliance, the Producer reserves the right to reject or remove Exhibitor's booth, in whole or in part from the Event for any reason whatsoever. To ensure a safe and enjoyable atmosphere for all attendees of Tribal Gathering, GeoParadise and the staff of Tribal Gathering reserve the right to eject any person or exhibitor at any time for any reason.

21. Producer retains the right to cease the operations of any Exhibitor which fails to cooperate with these policies. Any questions or issues that are not covered in this contract shall be subject solely to the decision of Producer.

21. Exhibitor agrees to pay required fees to Wavy Tribe Inc, the event vending license holder, in order to engage in any commercial activity at the 'Event'. The Fee Structure will be established directly by Wavy Tribe Inc and agreed with the Exhibitor through separate legal contract, as it is out of the scope of the present document. All exhibitors who are indigenous receive free entry and vending fees are waived.

22. If due to circumstances beyond the control of Producer, such as war, fire, strike or other emergency, the Event should be cancelled, Exhibitor shall waive any claims for damages or compensation against Producer, its owner, agents or affiliates.

23. This contract establishes a vendor-client relationship only i.e. the 'Client' is the Exhibitor named on the Exhibitor Application; the 'Vendor' is Producer as previously defined, renting exhibit space at Tribal Gathering 2018 to the "Client". This contract specifically excludes the existence or implication of any partnership agreement or ownership position on the part of the Vendor, whether expressed orally or implied by anyone who is a party to this agreement or whether expressed orally or implied by third parties

24. These Terms and Conditions may be changed by GeoParadise at any time and I understand that the updated Terms and Conditions will apply to me. Exhibitor will receive a copy of the terms and conditions upon arriving at the Event location.