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X-DREAM (Marcus “Rough” Maichel & Jan “Rush” Muller)

Techno-trance duo from Elmshorn ( Hamburg ) Germany, started to make music in 1990 and pioneered with a sound that gave birth to psychedelic full on trance, psychedelic techno, psy trance, goa trance etc...

Trancesylvania Express
We created Our Own Happiness
We Interface




Paul Baguley and Sonya Bailey have been producing electronic music as ManMadeMan since 1994, operating in both the commercial and underground dance scenes. Their recording studio is often credited as The Tetrapod.

Both artists came from completely different musical backgrounds. Paul was working with bands and Sonya was a wayward young girl with a keen ear. Coming together they partied hard at some of the most legendary events back in the early days, Cripps Barn, Dragon Fly, The Fridge, The Rocket and Space Hopper, the club that launched them. It was these experiences that inspired them to create music within a scene that was totally different from anything they had been involved in before.

And so MMM was born: one EPS 16+ and away they went, until they had a live set. Whilst playing in the clubs where they had partied in earlier days, DJ Tsuyoshi Suzuki heard them and soon after they released their first single. Later they released their first album and followed this up by gigging around the world. This led to meeting loads of new people who were starting labels and soon they were releasing music globally on many record companies throughout the industry. They signed up with Concord International and found themselves supporting the Shaman in 1996.

Together they worked alongside many producers and have played at a wide range of events across the world. In the summer of 1996, China Records approached them for an album deal. They were then working with the producer of many hit records including Bruce Willis' "Under The Boardwalk". This led to their releasing tracks alongside U2, Massive Attack, Fatboy Slim, The Chemical Brothers, Leftfield and many other renowned artists, and they found their music being remixed by chart-toppers such as KarmaSutra.

Manmademan have been on the play-lists of Judge Jules, Pete Tong, Sasha, Digweed and other leading DJs. They have fiercely held on to their independence by retaining all rights to their publishing.

Today the studio consists of a numerous analogue synths ( but not as many as they used to have ) as well as a plethora of virtual synths. Logic Pro is used for sequencing, a far cry from their old Atari. They have never given up, showing an unerring dedication to the scene. Hard to pigeonhole, they can turn their hand to many types of music but trance is where their hearts lie.

As two of the original psychedelic trance pioneers, their extensive discography includes releases on prominent labels such as Phantasm, Flying Rhino, Matsuri, Transient, TIP.World, Flow, RTTS, Nano and Turbo Trance, amongst many others. In their words, the sound of ManMadeMan is described as “ a totally original style, a bit hard to define, but who cares - it’s positive, funky, psychedelic and musical all at the same time. It has a knack of totally igniting a dance floor while never retracing old steps and yet manages to always sound like manmademan.”

By asserting total artistic control over independently produced albums, Paul and Sonya are free from the creative constraints imposed by most risk-averse labels seeking only what is safe and dependable.

Cell Division
Creation Myth
The Legend Remixes
Free To Listen (unmixed version)
Children Of The Light (unmixed version)

Vinyls, EPs:
Erland EP
Hex EP
Angel Hair / Drama
Desire EP
Down On Earth EP
Gold Dust / Karahana
Switch / Carousel
Palladium / Single Cell




Klopfgeister is an Electronic Music project of Hamburg based Producer and Thorsten Paul.

After 3 albums in the last 5 years, numerous singles and live/DJ sets all over the known world. He is currently working you on his fourth album for all your aural and accoustic pleasure.

Klopfgeister has become one of the most successfull ambassadors of German trance music and is well known for his deep, emotional positive soundscapes, always combined with a cracking groove to shake your body.

He also works get for TV/Radio Broadcasts as sound designer and composer and he is also hitting the more slower side of electronic music with his Sideproject "Clubgeister".




A world of sound at her fingertips, Khromata stands in the vanguard of storytelling and sensory manipulation in the modern era. With a finger on the pulse of the global electronica scene, she draws the essence of tech-driven psychedelic music to the surface with DJ sets inspired by the sounds of the underground.

Following years of experience playing shows and festivals around the world, Khromata now brings her versatile and spirited approach to sound weaving to Iboga Records. Driven by fun, energy and technical purity, she cannot be summarized by any single set or sound, making every Khromata performance an intoxicating, one-of-a-kind experience.

She has been direct support for legendary headliners, playing opening and closing sets for acts such as Astrix, Perfect Stranger, Liquid Soul, Vini Vici, Ticon, Emok, Critical Choice, Atmos, Mad Maxx, Gaspard, Hypnocoustics, Hypnoise, E.V.P, Neuromotor, Deedrah, Groove Addict, S-Range, Martin Vice, StarLab, and more.

Khromata has played at many venues across the States and the world, a few highlight venues include Ruby Skye in San Francisco, KB18 kødboderne in Denmark, and in Ukraine. Highlight gigs include Lightning in a Bottle, the Iboga Records Hologram Show at Dreamstate SoCal, six consecutive years at the world renowned Weird Street Faire in San Francisco, Dreamstate Mexico, San Francisco, and SoCal, Astral Harvest festival in Canada, Psytribe's Spring Frequency, Pulse Family Gathering, and Panama Tribal Gathering.

Khromata has been throwing her own events, Khromata Nights, in San Francisco, California. So far she has featured S>Range, Martin Vice, and DJ Emok.

Khromata is affiliated Iboga Records as the U.S label DJ.




Born in the UK and now settled in South America, James Monro's immersion within the music industry goes back some 30 years. Having been classically trained at school, James' musical influences diverged into a long and keen love affair with all things electronic. From his initiation into the otherworldly sounds of Yello, Jean Michelle Jarre, Tangerine Dream, Visage, Human League, Brian Eno, Georgio Moroder and the more left field electronic experimental bands of the early 80's, and combined with a deep love of the psychedelic bands of the 70's, disco and early hip hop, it was inevitable that he fall into a passionate relationship with electronic dance music. He entered into club land, journeyed through the early daze of Acid House, the uk's "summers of love" in '88 and '89 , onto the beaches of Goa in the early '90's and out into the global circuit of parties and festivals that have since become his playground. All the while collecting the music as he went, finding and forging his own sound, and starting up the now legendary Flying Rhino Records with 2 friends in 1995.

With the dawn of the new millennium, the demise of Flying Rhino, and the development of his new label 4digitalAudio (with his label partner Grant Collins aka Excession) he took time out to settle into his own rhythm again. He started to produce both alone, and as 4D with Grant., and 2012 saw his Midnight Ramblers pseudonym (with George Barker, one one his partners from Flying Rhino) gain traction with an appearance on John Digweed's "Structures Two" compilation with the techno gem, "Scarab", which was charted number one by Nick Warren and heavily supported by the likes of Hernan Cattaneo and Robert Babicz. He once again came to the attention of Nick Warren with a contribution to his "Renaissance: Masters Series" in the shape of the beautiful "Ambientworkx7". His releases have lately graced the likes of Proton Music, Bedrock, Renaissance, Stereo Seven Plus, iboga, Flow Vinyl, Blue Tunes, NamNam, Candyflip, 24hours Records, CityLights Music, Section Records, Twisted Records, Shifty Disco, Liquid Records and of course his own imprint 4DigitalAudio. Add to that music production for television and theatre plus co-founding the Tropical Beats imprint and DJ agency in Brasil, James has been a busy and productive player within the industry.

With his countless influences, musical prowess and production skills, as a DJ, James weaves a heady journey through all styles of dance music. So much so that it's impossible to truly define his sound. Suffice to say it's deep, its hypnotic, it's emotional and above all fat and funky. James is always pushing the boundaries of what constitutes house or techno, and his passion for his craft has never faltered - his global schedule is testament to that. He's been touring the globe for over 20 years, and still can't get enough. He has played along side many of the leading lights of dance music - Carl Cox, Nick Warren, Sasha, Hernan Cataneo, Sven Vath, John Digweed and Dave Seaman, to name just a few. He has also played in some of the most famous clubs in the world, including Amnesia in Ibiza, Heaven in London, Womb in Tokyo, The Edge in Sao Paulo plus many of the best festivals and open-air parties on the planet - all the while garnering ideas and inspiration that have made him both a finely tuned producer and phenomenally passionate DJ who has cemented his name as a popular and seasoned favourite within the underground music scene…..




A new spirit in the Psytrance world, a phenomenon that has swept the dance floors for the past few years with an original fresh sound combined with rhythms from all over the world, spiced with analog and modular synthesizers that lead to a full electro-hypnotic result, redefining Psytrance.

Nimrod Gorovich is in a constant search for his own unique sound signature – from his early days as a fierce drummer in the Israeli indie scene to becoming an electronic music producer, founder of Empirikal and later on part of the legendary duo LOUD, as their live drummer and as the producer of Loud in Dub.

After successful releases on major labels such as Tip Records and Hommega, Nimrod joined the Iboga Records family with his debut album – ‘Vortex’




Earthling is the solo project of DJ Celli. Psychedelic blast-off music to lose your marbles to. cellis other projects include: Everblast, Soundaholix, Vatos Locos, and Third Ear Audio

London based Celli has been partying and producing in the Psychedelic trance scene since its beginnings in the early 90's.

From his roots as an underground party organiser in Ibiza he soon started producing music releasing his first track "Just Say Yes" on T.I.P. Records in 1999, followed by his debut album entitled "Patterns" on Acidance Records in 2001

After moving to London in 2004 and producing a further two albums he has now released an astounding 145 tracks, and 8 albums under various pseudonyms such as : Soundaholix (with GMS) , Third Ear Audio ( with Nick Doof), Vatos Locos and Everblast (with Chromatone), Celli rocks dancefloors, bringing his unique psychedelic sound to the far reaches of the planet... His Earthling LIVE shows showcase his best music and always unreleased cutting edge tracks as well

He is also an exceptional DJ - doing extended DJ sets at many of the big Psychedelic festivals

He is part of the Zero1 Music record label. Zero 1 Music has amongst others artists: GMS, Tron, Chromatone, Soundaholix, Everblast, Wrecked Machines, KIM, DJ Mack, DJ Moon, Virtual Light




A psychedelic explorer with a big passion for electronic music. After few years of playing in the local Israeli scene, he decided to start creating his own music and became the PsyTrance act - 'Empirikal' (together with GOROVICH).

After a short run and a few releases in top Psytrance labels like TIP and HOMmega, Dekel decided to develop his own solo alter ego. DEKEL is well known as the 'Junior Shaman’ as he brings a hypnotic experience to the dance floor, intelligent beat drops, and rhythms from all over the world.




Gaby’s musical journey began in her early childhood years. Her musical mother confronted her quite early by singing with her and giving the first feelings for music. At the age of sixteen she had her first experience of djing. A nights dream, which found her playing in front of a truly spectacular audience. The dream became a reality & was a big inspiration for the rest of her life. Gaby started to interlace with some of the first trance parties in Slovenia. Thus making her one of the first female electronic DJ's in her country. The seed grew & regularly organising parties was on the agenda. Her wish of evolve in the scene was a big one, it brought her the possibilities to start her own Psytrance radio show on local radio in Ljubljana (The Capital of Slovenia). From there she could showcase her musical styles and offer information about the scene happening from around the globe.

Her intentions grew more and more to share the passion and love she had for this music, to spread it to the people. The Echo of her heart felt work was heard from far away. The feedback as a result grew and brought her to many parties in neighbouring countries such as Austria, Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Macedonia & Italy. Gaby’s sensitive feeling for music shaped her unique style, which was always warm and positive. Wherever she appeared, seeds of touched the heart and joyful faces were left behind. After some years her new base became Austria. The creation of her work was to continue. She started to organise smaller regular family gatherings called “CHILLOSPHERIC ROOM” in the middle of Vienna. Which was loved for it's warm atmospheres and a new way of party gatherings.

Global success has taken Gaby all over the world through ASIA, THAILAND, AUSTRALIA, SOUTH AFRICA, MEXICO, PANAMA, SWEDEN, U.K., FINLAND, ITALY, MACEDONIA, CROATIA, SERBIA, IRELAND, GERMANY, GREECE, MALTA, SWITZERLAND, BULGARIA, ROMANIA, MONTE NEGRO, POLAND, HUNGARY, SPAIN, PORTUGAL and many more . Through these experiences, it has aloud her to play at some of the biggest festivals around the globe such as BOOM, OZORA, SONICA, GLADE, RAINBOW SERPENT,S .U.N,S UMMER NEVER ENDS, TRANSILVANIA CALLING and many more. She is loved and respected for her bright meaningful way of expressing music which is unique & unforgettable.

In July 2007 she released her first compilation “HEALING LIGHTS” on “Synergetic Records”. A project from different artists who she collaborated with like Etic, Chromosome, Ovnimoon & Protonica. The aim was to create a musical journey with positive messages behind them. 2011 the second HEALING LIGHT was born ,after a fantastic feedback of the first.It was created as a charity CD to support children in need. And now end of 2014 finally HEALING LIGHTS 3 will be born with another brightful music journey from progressive to melodic psytrance -OVNMOON RECORDS. Gaby is well known for her “Morning Sets” of melodic Psytrance to warm uplifting groovy progressive beats full of sunshine & joy.

Gaby also possesses a love for experimental music with different sound directions such as Chillout, Downbeat & Ambient.She released some tchillout tracks created with HUMAN ELEMENT aka DJ MARTIN. Also signed to the Greek label “Cosmic Leaf Records”. The endless creation & passion from her lets us know that the potential in her is not yet exhausted and many future projects and collaborations can be expected. Gaby loves to create new ideas to connect people through music, art and party/event movements. Through her fresh creative mind, soulful way and strong consciousness, she is able to let the people feel and inspire all the great possibilities we have through these gatherings. To create a brighter world! Come share the delights of Djane Gaby to see where her musical journey and path will lead you!




UK based DJ and producer Lucas O'Brien has been rounding up dancefloors and rocking them in the right direction since he started playing techno in the early nineties at renowned London clubs such as The End, Heaven, Club UK and Fabric.

His trance-infused techno music was found to crossover with the sounds being played in Goa in the early 90s and it was this that led him to an opportunity to play at some of the early, now legendary, TIP parties. Lucas' vast experience has found him performing at many world famous institutions such as the V & A museum, the panoramic top floor of the Tate Museum of Modern Art and to a star-studded dancefloor opposite the diplodocus at the Natural History museum for the Harry Potter 3 premiere after-party.

Today, with two highly acclaimed albums to his name (God Save The Machine, Tales Of Heads) and many more collaborative projects in the pipeline (with artists such as Eat Static, Hallucinogen, Ajja, Martian Arts, Earthling, Outsiders, Avalon, Tristan, Dickster, Sonic Species and Laughing Buddha to name but a few) Lucas is best known as a leading psytrance DJ representing Raja Ram's label TIP Records globally with his unique driving UK psychedelic sound.

Lucas shows no signs of slowing with his touring this year stretching as far afield as Europe, Russia, US, South America, Africa, Middle East, Asia and Australia. The same can be said for his studio productions with his solo psytrance album on the way, new tracks forthcoming from Sybarite and some techno projects in the pipeline too (including a track on the new Nanoplex album on Iboga Records). Known for his masterful mixing and excellent musical taste, he has become a firm favourite in well respected clubs and festivals worldwide.




Yuta started his career in 2004 as a key person in Japanese Goa/Psychedelic trance scene and sparked the Goa Trance revival of Japan. He is active not only as a DJ, but is also well-known as an organizer, label A&R, and booking manager. He approaches the Nu Goa/Acid sound from many directions to reach his audience's spirit with depth.

Yuta works alongside the pioneer artist Tsuyoshi Suzuki under the Matsuri Digital, deliver the Nu Goa Sounds from Japan to the world as psychedelic art and as an icon of the party scene in Japan. In addition to his work with Matsuri Digital, Yuta is supporting and producing a number of parties domestically. Recently formed his new project "Matsuri Beats Booking Agency" and as a DJ/Artist himself Yuta is signed to Sonic Bookings in Israel, in addition to becoming a member of Marcus Henriksson (Minilogue)'s agent Reshape Booking Agency in Sweden.

In May 2015, Yuta released compilation album "Matsuri Tribe" which includes tracks from his friend's artists whose the world class, as well as Yuta and Asteroidnos joint project "Rezonance Mood" creates music with analog synths and proposes a new sound that fuses the Techno groove and Goa sound.

Having travelled alone in Asia and reached the realization that “Life = psychedelic”, he is on a mission to continue his work with the concept of “reforming consciousness.”




As the youngest son, growing up in the shadow of his older brother and his heartless gang, Andris came under the spell of colorful machines and press button gadgets very early on in life, creating his own dream world. As he elaborates: “I started using audio editors in 1994, I made house-like music with a program called Fastracker, and we made a remix of Queen’s Another one bites the dust song with a record player and a pc...”, which in itself is enough to suggest fishy aesthetics. Then came goatrance.

He first came across this genre in 1996 at a party organized by Kenguru, where he fell in love with the style and following the path of a spoilt dandy, he spent quite a lot of pocketmoney on vinyl records. At that time in Hungary there were already many talented DJs spinning psychedelic music, like Oleg, Jirzsij and Virág, but the psytrance scene was still in its infancy, so it was easy for Andere to have his place in the sun. (This is history, but if healthy goasnobism had developed at the right time in Hungariandom, Wegha Andere might not have been able to crush the parties that the committed performers cultivating the profession with humbleness and on an artistic level had built up with engineered preciseness during the night.)

So it happened in 1998 that Wegha’s name also appeared on the lineup of the Halásztelek Party, regarded cultic today as the Hungarian pioneer of open-air party series, and then stayed there throughout a whole decade, for what seemed an eternity.

Then, as one of the permanent actors of the Budapest psychedelic scene, he kept ascending towards the world’s stage at the side of the great and unrepeatable dj Virág: from 2000 to 2005 they hosted Sunday Deep Smile sessions to fame, and in 2001 Turbopauza was formed, a popular live-act (bass guitar, conga/percussion, KORG SX sampler, Roland Phantom keyboard), as many believed, deservant of a much better fate than met.

The formation had lots of gigs 'till 2008, among them on the main and chill stage at Ozora.

This, of course, in no way satisfied Wegha’s aspirations: from 2007 he was also co-managing a club, the justly infamous/famous Szociál KLub in Közraktár on the bank of Danube, the headquarters of his own club-nights featuring international psytrance artists, with which the inglorious achiever has appeared at several places in the Budapest nights since then.

Ten long years had to pass for this pleasant fairy-world to get fed up with Andere’s conceit, arrogance and inexpertness... but finally, at the 2008 O.Z.O.R.A. Festival (psychedelic tribal gathering) the visitors did not have to read his name among those in the lineup. However, Destiny - this capricious and cruel dictator of our lives - once again put the long-suffering, treehugger colony’s tolerance to the test: the Organizers could do nothing else but put Wegha on the main stage in place of Simon Posford, who was verifiably absent due to sickness. The ‘dog and pony show’ then called a dj set, was followed by a longer, almost ethereal silence, to our biggest relief... and though our plain old common sense would have made us expect seven years of Canaan after seven years of famine, unfortunately, belieing the Bible, after a short break, 2010 became the truly black letter year for every refined partygoer, for this was when Wegha Andere, this wolf in sheep’s clothing ‘einstand’-ed the best weekday, Thursday: at Margit Island’s duly popular ChaChaChaCabrio in the summer and setting up base at the U26 from autumn. Then everyone's fears came true: there was a new crack in the psychedelic space-time continuum: at the revived Halásztelek in the Pilis, and we could also hear his unworthy shows on Avatar too. And all of those people who still had hopes that the disturbance in the Force would cease and the divine order of the Universe would be restored, underestimated Wegha, this psytrance Anakin Skywalker. Because this villain, having deposited his soul at the feet of the Devil by way of a Faustian contract, would sure enough yank even the angels from the heavens – there’s no question about how he got to the head position of an international festival. Stuff like this happen and that’s it.







Designed and well calculated for the matured psy stompers and who enjoy consistent flow of melody, rhythm and beat to feel the vibrational harmonise frequencies.




Tsubi has been an active member of the Hungarian psy scene since the 2000's. He has been a resident DJ of the Avatar party series since the very beginning and also at O.Z.O.R.A. Festival, where he also plays a big role in program organizing and managing the festival's web radio. In the past years he has played at all the noteworthy local psytrance events, in many European countries, and has also been invited to perform in Japan, India, Israel and Brazil. From the mega summer festivals besides O.Z.O.R.A. he has blasted the dancefloors of Boom, Sonica, Glade, Full Moon and S.U.N. festivals too.

More recently, he and Dr Space have launched their own party series, Labirhythm, presenting the artists and music that stand close to their heart to the Budapest audience.

As regards his style, Tsubi loves and is able to move among a really wide spectrum of sounds, he is relentless (and unwavering) in his search for the most contemporary soundscapes and the most unique tracks. With his two other projects, TSB and Tsu, his focus is on downtempo and techno, respectively.




Approaching 2 decades in the electronic scene, James Thrower has discovered his comfort is within the realm of all things psychedelic. Playing an instrument since the age of 3, James found his purpose in life through music. With a natural affinity to sound and composition, he's honed his technical skill set and vocabulary of vibes through shared energy exchanges on the dancefloor. Having played numerous events throughout the US as well as an international gig here and there, James is no stranger to a crowded dance floor. He's able to hold the attention and set the intention with his dynamic journeys through sound which are made to inspire, bring out the best in people, and unite people through a commonality.

Good music!

His most recent project is taking on the role of running and managing a record label. For the last few years he has taken on this role with Sub Element Recordings. A label that boasts quality multi-genre psychedelic electronic music from around the world. James is on a mission to bring the world the finest in psychedelic electronic music working with internationally known acts as well as bringing unknown artists into the spotlight and giving them a platform that promotes their music and elevates their global presence.




Simiantics is a psy-trance project created by an infinite number of monkeys with an infinite number of synthesizers.

With influences ranging from early Hallucinogen, X-Dream, and Cosmosis to modern artists such as Ajja, Southwild, and Electrypnose, the Simiantics sound is always energetic and psychedelic. Several tracks on V/A releases have been unleashed, and collaborations with artists such as Ajja, Dirty Saffi, Tristan, Nigel, and Asimilon have also been concocted.

One of the primary aims of the Simiantics project has always been to create an interesting live act. After much experimentation, a setup consisting of Nintendo Wii remotes as well as other controllers has been devised, which allows live remixing and tweaking in order to respond to the crowd in a visible and entertaining manner.

Simiantics has performed at a number of major festivals including O.Z.O.R.A (Hungary), Mo:Dem (Croatia), Atman (Sri Lanka), Re:birth (Japan), Antaris (Germany), and countless other parties at locations around the world, including Goa, Thailand, New Zealand, UK, USA, Bali, Australia, Singapore, and Nepal, all to an overwhelmingly positive response.







Rikam has a talent for getting people together and a genuine passion for underground electronic music. In 1994, he started organizing large-scale psytrance (Goa trance) events in Trois-Rivières and Montreal (Canada), bringing notoriety to the local scene. In 2005, he became label DJ for legendary label Neurobiotic Records, joining artists such as DJ Edoardo, Zen Mechanics, Earthling, Joti Sidhu, Polaris...

Rikam remains a very active event organizer with TechSafari Productions, the Eclipse Festival and the Amazone Halloween Ritual, Orion NYE and many collaborations.

In 2013, he made a dream come true and launched his own label: TechSafari Records. This quickly allowed him to make connections beyond borders with artists from around the world. Érik draws inspiration from his trips, spirituality, peoples, nature, life and performances he’s given in many events and festivals in various countries (Japan, France, Germany, Italy, United States, Mexico, Brazil, Panama, Morocco, Thailand, India [Goa], Nepal and Canada).

Rikam is constantly looking for new releases and unreleases music and always had a remarkable, avant-garde music selection. As manager owner of the TechSafari Records label, Rikam has the mission of creating a new story and uniting under the same banner a focused music genre that knows no border. He works hard for his label’s branding, development and vitality in America and throughout the world, with the same passion that’s been fuelling him for over 25 years.




During the summer of 1987, Psara shares Cascais classic club VanGogo’s cabin with the house DJ, playing rock, new wave and synthpop. Starts exploring electroacoustic, jazz and ethnic music, and develops a deep appreciation for fine art mystics and poetics. In the first half of 1990 goes into EDM and in 1996 enters the Psychedelic Goa Trance scene. From 1997 on becomes very active playing in parties and festivals, indoor and outdoor. Between 1998 and 1999 following Goa Trance decadence moves to other arts and starts an experimental melodic percussion project. In the first decade of the new millennia plays in fewer parties due to her style being less wanted. Between 2010 and 2011 Goa Trance gets new momentum and together with friends from the 90s co-founded ZNA Gathering still as EMEL.

Psara returns to regular DJ activity in 2012 integrating the ZNA Gathering Festival Roster playing both new and old Psychedelic Goa Trance. In 2013 joins the Goadelic Freaks Movement, starts working with Belgian label Cronomi Records and becomes Official DJ for the British pioneer band Manmademan. In 2014 plays for Suntrip Records until the Belgian label becomes exclusive in the end of the year and co-founds the Al Sāmājo party concept in B4B with three DJ friends. Integrates Zion 604 Roster for the duration of the Israeli label artist representation model, from 2015 to 2018. Collaborates with Spacedock Records in the creation of Goa Trance Legacy’s Collection having also compiled the third volume. Is represented in Brazil since 2017 by Kundalini Bookings and by Noblas Bookings in Israel since 2018.




Osvaldo Julian Diaz: was born the 31 of december 1981 in Puerto Armuelles, has been playing music since 13 years old, playing electric guitar as first instrument developing his own style of songwritting and singing, in the end of the 1999 the first computer and production software allows the youg musicians to start studing the nature of sound, recording, programing, synthesis and sound engineering, it was until 2007 after working on a call center and having a more powerful computer when the real Chill out Production started.

Inspired by the works of: Prodigal Sons, Bjork, Enigma, The chemical brothers, Prodigy, Pink Floyd, Depeche Mode, The Crystal Method, Cafe Del Mar, Aphex Twin, Radiohead, and many different artist, Ozzidelic creates atmospheres thru breaking beats, that paint an oblicuous landscapes of curves, shades, shapes and waves, a journey looking to the future...

Always mixing Digital Elements With Organic sounds, and Acustic Instruments, his first copilation of songs is called THE CHILL SIDE OF LIFE and is still Unreleased, the final mixing it been done, combined with a deep study of art concepts and balance.

Ozzidelic sometimes named as Dj Oz has done many different performances all over Panama clubs and outdoor parties, including The Archipielago International Electronic Festival (2011), have done voices for TV And Radio Campanges, music production for TV national program CONCURSO DE ORATORIA 2010, he works as a music director with the contemporary circus company La Tribu Performance, and Alternative Rock Band Luna Lopez. floor, intelligent beat drops, and rhythms from all over the world.




Giorgi Dolaberidze AKA Obri, a musician from Tbilisi, Georgia. As a b-boy, rapper, and graffiti artist raised in one of Tblilisi’s Soviet-era suburbs in late 90s, Obri began exploring breakbeat and other electronic music genres, but was soon immersed in psychedelic trance music.

Alongside other enthusiasts he founded GeoPsy, a pioneering underground psychedelic community in Georgia, and soon moved into production.

His live sound experiments with different elements of psychedelia from deep ambient techno soundscapes to hypnotic acid roughness.







After trying to get out of the matrix, traveling around different countries and mental states born Mr.Nobody in the 2016 and his taste for the fast and mental music get to the point to start study differents sounds.

Playing at different events on the underground scene made by my family Ke Lo kenji tribe.

Years later meets SporeCarrier and i get involve on the music construction of fast and funky forest and dark music. In the 2018 have the opotunity to work on a track with my mentor SporeCarrier and get my very first collaboration on Dnoir Record’s From Italy. oor, intelligent beat drops, and rhythms from all over the world.




Mind Pulse is the alter ego of Cesar Oscar Cesar who land in planet earth on small country called Panama, he is on a mission, vibrating onto frequencies of light and darkness, psychedelic trip traveller through dimensions, he'd been playing around in festivals like : Archipielago Festival, Hypnoza, Unity Fest, GeoParadise Tribal Gathering, Cosmic Convergence, Dimensional Liquid Forest and some other underground parties in Central America and Europe.




We are dreamers, who are catching insights. We imprint art and music around, collaborate with crews to create energy resonating spaces & collect deep community's experience of InnerSpace. In the end we are looking for a way home, way to our hearts.

Творческая лаборатория, в которой ведутся эксперименты по синтезу различных музыкальных, изобразительных видов искусств, архаичных приемов воздействия на сознание и современных технологий для создания концептуальных культурно-развлекательных событий. В своей деятельности мы стремимся сочетать эстетику и эффективность, уважение к публике и окружающей среде, аутентичность и чувственные удовольствия.




Mandelbrot is a brand new collaboration between Earthling and DJ Lucas. Both artists have been a common fixture on the on the global Psychedelic Trance circuit since its early days in the 90’s.

Lucas is best known as a leading DJ and producer representing and managing Raja Ram's label TIP Records globally with his unique driving UK psychedelic sound.

Earthling, aka DJ Celli is a well known Dj and producer from Ibiza who has been making and playing music for over 20 years. He also runs the Zero1 Music record label.

This brand new collaboration between two old friends unites them in their quest to spread good vibes across the galaxy using synthesisers and a fascination for fractals.




Maiia is Alla Vagner – owner of Mystic Sound Records, producer and DJ from Russia, Moscow.

She directs her forces to the development of the chillout scene worldwide, by releasing high quality music, making mixes and organizing wonderful events.

As a project she released 5 full-lenght albums and now working on the next one. Her music is a combination of psychedelic chillout with breaks and dub.




Chill Out, Lounge, Psy Chill, Deep House, House, Nu Disco, Tech House, Progressive




Dj, producer, broadcaster since 2009. She has marked a before and after for female djs in Panamá. Participating in all the relevant Festivals and Events in Panamá, sharing stages with a lot of colleagues in the International business. Always delights the crowd with the best selection of Melodic, Deep, Progressive, Techno.

You can find her mostly playing in cities like Berlin, Stockholm, Ibiza, and many more around Europe mostly in the summer and in Panamá taking care of the main festivals in the area such as IBIZA SONICA Festival in Playa Venao and TRIBAL GATHERING Panamá.

Latests shows in Katerblau, Wilde Renate, Technostate Sweden, Club Minimal, Ibiza Sonica Radio. Sound designer of W Hotels and Djane Embassador of Selina´s Playa Venao, Casco Viejo.

Technics Ambassador in Central America 2012.
Best Femal Djane in Central America 2012.
Signed by Extremly House Music label in Ibiza, Club Minimal in Stockholm.

Soon to release new EP's and many upcoming projects in her career.

Premios Art Beat 2012 - best Female Dj in Central Americaloor, intelligent beat drops, and rhythms from all over the world.




Pulum a.k.a. ETHERIC REPLICA has been mixing for around 10 years, and producing his sets and music for 4 years now.

With an extensive repertoire in the Progressive style of rave dancefloor, the never-ending sustain of atmospheres and musicality, makes Pulum's sets a must to experience.

Personally, music, as a major entity, must maintain the most respect. Music needs a special space to be express. Music express itself in our Spaces. Just open your Heart to the bodily Sublime experience of Music.




A welcome addition to the Bom Shanka Family, with his vast and extensive knowledge of the global dance music scene, this is one Dj not to be missed! Sutekh has blasted countless dance floors across the world and has performed alongside almost all of the biggest trance acts in the scene.

After some time out to work on various art projects, Sutekh returned full power with his impeccable track selection and sophisticated mixing skills. He masters the art of mixing psychedelic grooves with deep twisted sounds, keeping it funky while empowering the dance floor with energy.

With his roots coming from the underground sounds of London, he chose not to get rid of his old love and continued to play techno from time to time. With a natural ability to read the crowd and adapt, his sets are a privilege for everyone’s ears.

His art goes far beyond music as he has also helped build and design some of the world’s greatest trance dance floors, as well as producing artworks for countless record labels, events and promotions.




DJ Solitare is Mark Ainley, a psychedelic trance DJ representing both the Italian retro label DAT Records and the legendary Tsuyoshi Suzuki's label Matsuri Digital.

A classically-trained musician still working in the classical industry, Mark has been active in the psy scene since 1994 and has evolved a mixing style that fuses the formative sounds of the psychedelic trance movement with the latest productions, a blend of old and new, to create a fresh present-time dancefloor experience.




DJ Latam first played music at a party in 2004 in circumstances rather unexpected and unplanned, going with the flow in a synchronistic situation. After a few years of practicing and learning about what DJing means, encouraged by things going constantly up, he decided to give up any other business and commit to music and everything related. Started to experiment and went gradually deeper into other sub-genres of electronica, playing in parallel for some years psy, trance, techno, electro, house or chill-out, in various forms.

Now his focus is on the groovy hypnotic side of psychedelic trance, with a versatile approach that can vary depending on the party profile, audience, location, line-up or hour, between a harder and a lighter sound. BPM is more often than not around 138-148, but can go slower. From time to time he does the warm-up for a big artist or special guest, being good at building a bridge between different styles and tempos which is something he really enjoys doing. Every now and then you can hear him also mixing down tempo in an eclectic chill fashion. In addition, he has an alter-ego called Fractaliceanu for faster darker psytrance, and another avatar, Blooni, with whom he goes into deep techno territories.

Besides DJing, Latam is involved in organizing and promoting events through Thrancians organization that he manages, plus Unda and Spacesheep associations, being a co-organizer of Waha and Rebirth festivals which featured artists like Juno Reactor, Astral Projection, Psykovsky, Kindzadza, Sensient, Son Kite, Atmos, Ticon, X-Dream, Etnica & Pleiadians, Cosmosis, Banco De Gaia, Dickster, etc, and partner in a few other projects and crews. He was also the host of a weekly show called Oscillator on Radio Deea, the first Romanian radio fully dedicated to electronic dance music.

Over the years he performed at many events, from big festivals to small underground gatherings or private parties, in numerous locations and venues across Europe in countries like Germany, France, England, Portugal, Austria, Netherlands, Hungary, Italy, Denmark, Serbia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Norway, Malta, Ukraine, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Republic of Moldova, Crimea, Romania.




1994 was when the rhino first appeared and spread its wings, early on in the fledgeling moments of the trance scene. With Flying Rhino, 3 young friends developed their own sound and musical ideology and quickly became an integral part of what is today's burgeoning global trance family.

Since it's closure in 2001, Grant Collins and James Monro continued with their own musical endeavours as 4D, and they threw themselves out into the infinite wilderness of experimenting with sound, immersing themselves fully into a slower, more thoughtful and minimal approach to the art of dancefloor alchemy.

They thus created 4DigitalAudio, a label aimed firmly at a more techno inspired sound, yet always with an ear firmly attuned to the psychedelic edge of things.

Whilst still playing around the world at trance festivals and parties, they both began to realise that an area of what they had been experimenting with - about less definitely being more - was a process that could beautifully merge within elements of the trance that they were experiencing, thus bringing something different to the party - a philosophy that was firmly at the forefront of FlyingRhino's origin.

With a huge focus on production and the telling of a vivid and emotive story, they decided to resurrect Flying Rhino and to bring that unique, vibrant and powerful magic to the dancefloor once more. Doing away with so many layers, and leaving a stripped back, huge, immersive environment with deep sonic textures and crisp, precise pounding grooves, their aim is to create pure, synthetic, sublime hypnosis….

"with a respectful nod to the past, we thus slip into the future - welcome to our world…"







Dal Florida , Dj musico y producer Venezolana

Con influencias musicales que nos llevan en un recorrido psyco under caribe fusionado con sonidos electrónicos . Asi define sus gustos musicales lo cual nos lleva a un viaje magico y energetico exponiendose y resaltando en diferentes tarimas con la gran versatilidad musical que la caracteriza como artista.

Desde el 2016 reside en Panama City donde a calado un puesto en la movida electrónica del pais.

Resaltando su participacion en el mejor festival de la Republica de Panama.

( TRIBAL GATHERING ) Formando parte del line up de la tarima principal LOTUS.

A compartido line up con dj internacionales como
En el 2019 Invitada al programa TOD RADIO SHOW en IBIZA GLOBAL RADIO.




Coral is a psytrance producer & DJ hailing from the USA.

In 1999 Coral began her DJing journey when introduced to the irresistible sounds of psytrance. Her insatiable appetite, energy and joy of the music has naturally evolved into the world of production. Coral plays international parties and festivals, delighting fans with a captivating energy all her own. floor, intelligent beat drops, and rhythms from all over the world.







Founder of Faze2 Solutions in Denver Colorado, Alexander has been involved in one way or another with Psychedelic music since his first open air, full moon gathering back in the late’90s. Inspired by USA crews and members within, such as Moontribe, Green Sector and Psytribe, all out of Southern California, he began shifting his musical focus from a more “commercial” sound toward a few different styles within the Psychedelic and Goa niche, hopeful of connection with local likeminded individuals.

He has built multi-faceted recognition into his production and audio company names, not only by crafting open-air gatherings, but also consulting for other promotion teams as well as assembling a world-class Turbosound Aspect audio system and experimenting with nightclub promo and ownership.

Playing festivals and gatherings around the US, Alexander’s sound has been influenced by many international artists on several labels, ranging from 138 Progressive, late afternoon BPM to the 148 BPM full power Psychedelic locomotion that drives a night time or early morning crowd. Recent years have found him traveling overseas to experience what large festivals such as Boom and Ozora bring, only adding to the enthusiasm that has commanded his Psychedelic attention to date.

An experienced audio navigator with nearly 20 years at the helm spanning several genres of dance and Psychedelic dance music, Alexander can craft a set for any groove of a party or festival, creating atmospheres of cosmic unity and inspiring high-energy dancefloors.




The story says that Akibel is one of those mystical DJs that are simply out there out of love for the music. Her genuine passion for psytrance was so vivid that her close friends kind of requested that she gave mixing a shot in order to spread it to the dancefloor -like a wildfire.

Soon, it became clear that she was obviously made for the role as she began to contaminate the dancefloor with aerial and uplifting vibes channeled through an instinct for selection that is the mark of a true music lover. On top of that, her energetic presence wraps the music and the crowd together and gives life to the moment, a fact that is reflected in her stage name, Akibel.

The prefix -aki is derived from the word “ani”, also known as “chi”, meaning “life force” and -bel comes from the word “decibel” to form the concept of Akibel, the “musical life force”. And her psytrance cocktail sure pulses with the life of its electric melodies and fast-paced fullon beats that unite the old school with the next level in harmony.




Acid Black is a psytrance alter ego of Alex Tolstey ( Boshke Beats Records).

Djing from 1994 and coming from original roots of trance and techno music he is an ultimate specialist in electronic modern psychedelic dance music who believes that his DJ sets are an experience that doesn't focus on DJ's personality but only on the musical journey that dj as a shaman guides the audience through, Acid Black never repeat his sets, more then 20 years experienced performing artist that collaborating with leading psytrance labels and top producers and represents Horns & Hoofs Entertainment label.

He is usually blending the best new with the best old tracks and known for an absolute finest psychedelic trance and techno selection that brings to the dancefloors the original spirit of GOA and rave movement and early techno parties.

Check the upcoming X-DREAM Remixed album on FLying Rhino, Acid Black produced in order to pay respect to one of the most influential psychedelic trance acts in the history! including remixes by Shpongle, Eat Static, Man With No Name, LOUD, Atmos, Astral Projection, Blue Planet Corporation, GMS, Midimiliz, Man Made Man, Saafi Brothers, Mad Tribe, James Monro, Darshan, Tsuyoshi Suzuki, DJ Lucas aka Sybarite etc...