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Volunteering during Tribal Gathering pack-down is labor intensive and rewarding. We work daily from sunrise to sunset to ensure the location is left cleaner than it was before we started with the festival build and to guarantee that all the materials and equipment are safely stored away as soon as possible.

Volunteering during the event pack-down means you will be working side by side with other like-minded fellows from around the world.We require strong and skilled people who are motivated and dynamic, who work well with others and can adapt easily to new environments and changing circumstances.

Volunteers who are accepted to participate in the festival pack-down are required to stay for 2 weeks after event gates close. There are a limited number of volunteer positions available, we recommend you submit your application early for the best chance at your application being approved. Those volunteers who complete the 2 weeks of involvement in a satisfactory manner, will be eligible to receive a volunteer stipend for the amount paid for their Tribal Gathering passes.


GeoParadise is a public charity, with 100% of the proceeds from Tribal Gathering being used to fund charitable projects with indigenous communities throughout Central and South America.

 As a one of a kind festival, unique from every other event in the world, Tribal Gathering operates differently from other festivals you may have volunteered with in the past. We place the greatest emphasis on our charitable goals. To ensure our charitable programs are robust and effective, we work to ensure as much funding as possible is diverted into these programs. You must purchase a Tribal Gathering event ticket before submitting your volunteer application.

Submit the form below and the volunteer coordinator will contact you back after reviewing the application.

This application is only for volunteering for the Tribal Gathering Pack-down. If you would like to help with Tribal Gathering setup, apply here or if you are interested in volunteering during Tribal Gathering apply here instead.

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