Tribal Gathering



Camp on the beach right next to the ocean, wake up to the sound of the waves and monkeys, meet your neighbors, share, relax, enjoy... !



We offer 4 levels of belle tents for hire, you can book them for the whole event or only for the Indigenous Immersive or Dance Celebration. 

LOTUS DELUXE: Gorgeous tear-drop shaped 5 m diameter lotus bell tent, 3.3 m tall in the center, Balinese antique furniture, king size bed with 15 cm thick latex mattress, bedding, electricity, fan, lamp, rug, cushion, 2 chairs and lockable wooden chest. The maximum is 2 guests per tent.

TRIPLE BELLE: Classic 5 m diameter belle tent pitched in the Lotus Glam Camp, 3 single 7 cm thick latex mattresses on pallet beds, bedding, electricity, fan, lamp, rug, cushion and hand made lockable wooden trunk to store your valuables. Max. 3 guests per tent.

LOTUS BELLE: Beautiful tear shaped 4 m diameter lotus belle tent, 3 m tall in the center, 2 single 7 cm thick latex mattresses on pallet beds, bedding, electricity, fan, lamp, rug, cushion and hand made Moroccan lockable wooden trunk to store your valuables. Max. 2 guests per tent.

CLASSIC BELLE: Classic belle tent, 4 m diameter, pitched in designated area. No center pole. Comes in two price options for either 2 or 3 latex mattresses with pillows. It also features a solar light. Max. 3 guests per tent. 

Lotus Glam Camp is situated in a secured area, featuring its own showers, toilets and washing facilities, right at the waterfront to enjoy the relaxing sounds and breath-taking views of the Caribbean Sea.

Classic Belle tents are pitched together in a secured area and share the public toilets and washing facilities.



Camping at Tribal Gathering is FREE for attendees bringing their own camping equipment. For those who want to travel light but not ready for glam camping, we also have available single or double occupancy dome tents and self-inflatable sleeping pads for rent. We also offer 2 type of hammocks and tarps for extra protection for your tent or hammock.

SINGLE TENT: Double door, 2 x 1.80 m, polyester fabric with outer layer, no center pole.

DOUBLE TENT: Dome tent, 2.40 x 2.10 m, polyester fabric with outer layer and small front porch area, no center pole.

     Single (1.86 x 60 x 3.5 cm)

     Double (1.86 x 120 x 3.5 cm)

TARP: Polyester, 3 x 3 m, pole height: 2m, to protect give your tent or hammock an extra protection against the rain and the heat from the sun.


     Traditional Woven Cotton
     Nylon w/Mosquito Net


Come to claim your camping gear at the info desk and go find your favorite spot to camp within the festival grounds. At the end of the event please, pack your camping equipment and drop it off at the Hub before you leave.

To secure availability, you can book online clicking on the link below. If still available, you might be able get them at the event's info desk without previous booking, first come first serve basis. 



New for the 2020 edition, we are making available shared accommodation options in beautiful and spacious 6 person dorm tents right at the heart of the tribal village.

Booked by the bed and for the Dance Celebration only, the dorms feature camp beds, light and electric sockets to charge your devices. There are also available extra add-ons to make your stay more comfortable (and your travels lighter!) such as pillow and bedding.

To keep your valuables safe while at the event, we have secure lockers at the Hub. More information on these will be available when the bookings start in October.

Availability is very limited for the glam camp and dorms accommodation… act soon so you dont miss your chance to enjoy the next level on festival dwelling!






By far the simplest way to get to Tribal Gathering from Panama Tocumen PTY airport is using our shuttle service. Each way costs US$60 (plus processing fee).
It also the only way to get through the gates after their closing time at 10pm. So if you are planning to arrive late, better book yourself a shuttle and buy your pass online and avoid having to wait till the following morning to enter Tribal Gathering.

DEPARTING PANAMA CITY TOCUMEN at 2 pm and 8 pm daily from February 29th through to March 14th with extra departures on the busy days when many people arrives.

Airport Shuttle Meeting point is to the LEFT when you exit the secure area. Outside of the THRIFTY Car Rental. Please be ready to go with proof of purchase minimum 15 minutes BEFORE departure. Shuttle will depart promptly so please, do not be late.

DEPARTING TRIBAL GATHERING at 8am and 2pm daily from Mar 1st through to March 17th. On the busy days we will also have additional departures. On Sunday Mar 1st there is only the afternoon service.

Festival Departure Meeting point is at the TOP of the track. Please be ready to go with proof of purchase minimum 15 minutes BEFORE departure. It takes about 15 minutes to walk to the top so plan your departure accordingly.

In the event that you miss your shuttle you can ride on the next one as long as there are seats available. As with the rest of Tribal Gathering services, we allow exchanges but not refunds. Contact us so we can help finding the best solution for your particular case.




TRAVELING TO PANAMA: There are three international airports in Panama but the biggest and closest to Tribal Gathering is Tocumen International Airport (PTY). It's approximately 3 hours to Tribal Gathering from the airport. Flying to Panama can be easy and affordable from almost anywhere in the world . Tocumen International Airport services many airlines with direct and indirect service .

Use one or two of the major search engines to compare and find the best flight or flight combination for you. Some of these search engines let you set up price drop alerts to your email. Based on previous experience, our travel team finds is best to book travel internationally 90 days prior to travel date. But for travel within the Latin Americas within 60 days.

If you are traveling from within Central America it is also possible to get here by bus from Costa Rica. Its a pretty long journey, but if flight prices are high at the time, it will save you hundreds of dollars.

VISA REQUIREMENTS: For Europe and much of the Americas you will only receive a stamp in your passport on arrival. This usually allows you to stay between three and six months in Panama as long as you passport expiration date is later than that. You are limited to driving only for three months. Make sure you come with an exit ticket and proof of sufficient funds to cover your expenses during your stay in the country. You can check this or this website for more information on your specific country's visa requirements.

Panama does not require any immunizations for entry to the country UNLESS you have been in countries affected by yellow fever. ex. Brazil, Colombia, etc. Yellow fever shot needs to be done at least 10 days before the departure date.




Getting to Albrook Bus Terminal
From Tocumen International Airport (PTY) a taxi cost $30, and 5$ more for each extra person. Make sure to agree the price with the driver before you jump in. Alternatively, you can walk to the bus stop outside the terminal a few hundred meters away and take a public bus for between $0.25-$1.25 depending on the number of stops.
From the city center a taxi should be around $3, although taxi drivers will ask for more if in rush hours (or will simply refuse to take you there). Also many bus routes go to the Bus Terminal ($0.25).
Another great alternative for traveling from Airport to the bus terminal or around the city, for similar or better prices than the taxis, are peer to peer car service companies like Uber.

From Panama city to Sabanitas
Take the public bus to Colon from Albrook Bus Terminal and hop off at the Sabanitas bus stop, next to the REY supermarket.
You have 2 options of buses:
Diablos Rojos: The colorful traditional buses of Panama. They start at 3:30 am and they run every 30 min.
Express Buses: Faster, more comfortable and with A/C. They start at 4:50 am and they run hourly.

From Sabanitas to Tribal Gathering
In Sabanitas bus stop you need to wait for the bus for Costa Arriba - Nombre de Dios - Palmira (which comes from Colon). It will take a few hours as the bus stops a lot. Not all the buses go all the way to Palmira and the festival so please ask the driver to make sure. Some end their service in Cuango and there are no taxis there. Currently only 3 buses per day serve Palmira and they are usually full of locals commuting, so it may be difficult to get in especially with so many TG attendees.

Alternatively, there are other buses (Costa Arriba - Guaira) that can take you to Portobelo, which is half way to Tribal Gathering from Sabanitas, and from there you can try find a taxi to the festival site (35km). If there is a few of you, this should be affordable, although this is even more inconvenient than the regular public bus.

We strongly advise all the travelers attending Tribal Gathering to book our official airport shuttles to avoid extended waiting times and an extremely long journey on the public bus, with uncertain capacity.

The price difference will make your trip hassle free and you will be supporting GeoParadise by helping offset the huge costs of transportation involved in bringing together tribes and artists from all over the world. Thank you for your contribution! :)


You can grab the bus to Costa Arriba - Nombre de Dios - Palmira directly from Colon Bus Terminal, no need to do the transfer in Sabanitas. See above the instructions to hop off. Departures times from Colon are around 7am, 11am and 3pm but delays are frequent and expected. and it may be difficult to get in the bus with the increased passenger traffic of other tribal gathering attendees



It's fairly easy to drive to Tribal Gathering from Panama city and the airport. You first need to follow signs for Corredor Norte and Colon, this will get you out of Panama city or away from the airport. You will need to have a Panapass sticker in your card to be able to go in the highway and corredor norte and sur of panama city. Cash payments are no longer permitted. All rental cars have them, make sure you top up yours before hitting the road to avoid fines.

Once on Corredor Norte Colon highway drive for approximately 45 minutes pass the final "cash only" toll and turn to Sabanitas exit. Follow the road for several minutes till you come to a Rey supermarket. Turn right follow the road 3 km and turn right following signs to Portobelo. Stay on this road for 40 km passing through Portobelo until another right turn for Palenque, stay on this road all the way to Cuango where a right turn will take you onto the new road to Playa Chiquita/Palmira, several more km's and your there. Phew! Probably better still if you get a phone chip in Panama city and use your map although the phone signal will disappear in certain areas and past Playa Chiquita.


-- FAQ --



+ What is Tribal Gathering like?

Tribal Gathering is like no other event on Earth. It is more than a festival, it is a place for the world to come together, where time is transcended, ancient and modern converge in symbiotic harmony, tribes manifest spirits of plants as musicians call on the ethos of imagination. Interfaith dialogue blends with a rich heritage of esoteric wellness, creativity, alternative cultures, active participation and love. Ultimately it is where we welcome the divine spirt of dance. Tribal Gathering is a meeting point for indigenous communities from all over the world. It is a gathering of tribes, from the past and present, the global transformational tribe and whoever feels the call to join in the celebrations. It takes place every year over the full moon of February on the Caribbean coast of Panama.

+ Is Tribal Gathering eco-friendly?

Every aspect of the gatherings production addresses ecological solutions through a deep understanding of the surrounding habitats. 100% compost toilets, fresh filtered spring water, sustainably sourced bio-construction materials harvested within 2km of the site, food supplied by the local farmers, off-grid power solutions and local labour initiatives bringing much needed employment into the region. With over a hundred workshops on a huge range of subjects from permaculture, health and body movement to community management philosophies and alternative financial systems. Tribal Gathering not only supports but actively promotes proactive change for the good of mankind and the planet.

+ What makes Tribal Gathering unique?

Tribal Gathering encourages cultural awareness by bringing indigenous communities together and presenting cultural diversities rarely seen anywhere in world. Tribal Gathering provides a space conducive to dialogue where tribal members can meet and share experiences, discover commonalities and find solutions to fulfill their needs. They share their knowledge and creativity with the world and actively partake in the construction and management of the event. They represent the beating heart of Tribal Gathering showing that while we are one we are also everything.

+ What about Tribal Gathering Schedule?

Tribal Gathering is divided in 3 parts. Participants can buy a pass to come to either of them or to the whole event.

Indigenous Immersive: This section of Tribal Gathering is based more around the indigenous tribes and their cultural exchange. Talks, conferences, workshops flow throughout. There is a huge selection of music on the Global Stage ranging from tribal bands to fat city DJ’s, open mics to some of the biggest names in music. There’s a new area, The Carny with leading edge circus, sideshow curiosities and deep, raw, cabaret. It’s planned very much in accordance with the needs of the indigenous communities, respecting the sanction of their sacred spaces.

Transition day: When the indigenous activities have finished there will be a transition day, where we will all come together to thank what has happened and prepare for whats to come. Transition day is on the middle Monday, March 9th 2020.

Dance Celebration: Six days of modern dance rituals of the transformational tribe. Workshops will be more geared around sound, body movement. The carny will step up a gear or two and share the in the rise in energy. It’s a time for pure fun, enjoyment of our self, inner and outer. It’s a time to celebrate our achievements of the previous week. It’s party time.

Global Dance: We have noticed over the past years a good amount of participants arriving to the event on the middle weekend and staying until the end, so they can fit better their available work holidays and enjoy both the tribal and the dance sides of the event. With this in mind, since 2019 we have added a new type of event pass to meet this demand. With this option you will be able to enjoy indigenous and non-indigenous workshops, tribal and world fusion bands, electronic music, the carny, the fun, the music jams and much more.


+ How early can I arrive to TG?

Gates will open at 4pm on Saturday, February 29th - Do not plan to arrive before this. The festival location is very very remote and if you come by public bus you will likely be on the last bus and not be able to get back. You will be turned away. It is best to travel early by bus on the 29th to arrive for gate opening.

+ What is the best way to get there?

The easiest, fastest and safest way to arrive is to take the shuttle directly from airport to the festival site. There are usually two a day, one in the afternoon and one in the evening, with more services added on the busy days. You can book your shuttle here. If you choose to take public transport be advised the Taxi from airport into city can be between $30-$40 . There is a public bus that comes just down the road from the airport and will take you into the city. Find complete traveling information here.

+ Do I need any vaccinations before traveling to Panama?

Typically you do not require any vaccinations if you are traveling from North America or EU - However if traveling from some countries with high yellow fever risk like Colombia or Brazil you are required to have a yellow fever shot. This needs to be done at least 10 days before the departure date.

+ Do I need to obtain a visa before traveling to Panama?

For Europe and much of the Americas you will only receive a stamp in your passport on arrival. This usually allows you to stay between three and six months in Panama as long as you passport expiration date is later than that. You are limited to driving only for three months. Make sure you come with an exit ticket and proof of sufficient funds to cover your expenses during your stay in the country.

+ Is there a parking area for vehicles near the gathering site?

Yes, there is a parking area right next to the festival box office and its free. We strongly advice all people considering to drive a vehicle to Tribal Gathering to choose a 4x4 car or truck to avoid getting stuck. The access to the beach from the main road is pretty steep and if it rains a little, can get slippery making it really difficult for the city cars. Alternatively, if no 4x4 available you could park on the main road and walk down to the beach (1.5 km). Use the parking facilities at your own risk.

+ When do I have to leave the Tribal Gathering site?

The program of activities finishes on Sunday March 15th at midnight. Everybody needs to be offsite by Tuesdat 17th @ 2pm so our crew can proceed to do the festival pack down and the after party preparations. Our cafes, bars and bakery will carry on serving during these 2 days whilst everybody leaves the event site. We appreciate your collaboration in leaving the site timely.



+ Where do attendees sleep during Tribal Gathering?

Tribal Gathering takes place in a remote jungle beach in the north coast of Panama. The road was build only 2 years ago and there is no tourism in the area what so ever so hotels and hostels are very scarce and not close to the festival site. The usual and preferred form of accommodation is CAMPING. When you purchase a ticket you gain access to camp anywhere you choose within the camping grounds of TG. The camping areas are right next to the beach, surrounded by exotic fruit trees, several types of palms and cane with ample shade. Campsites are not assigned, so please set up in a space that works for you, while being respectful to those you are choosing to set up next to. Bring your camping gear and all the bedding and equipment you need to have a comfortable camping experience.

For those who want to travel light, we have available glam and regular camping tents, air mattresses, tarps and hammocks, that can be pre-booked online and be waiting for you on arrival. Glam Tents are already set up and ready to enjoy as soon as you arrive. They are the most convenient option by far! Regular camping tents, air mattresses, hammocks and tarps need to be picked up at the Hub Services Desk on arrival and you have to set them up yourself. To guarantee availability, you can pre-book these accommodation options here. If still available, they can also be booked onsite at the Hub Services Desk, first come, first serves basis.

+ Can I park a camper van or caravan at the festival?

Yes!, We have a designated parking area for live-aboard and recreational vehicles next the main parking area, very close to the box office and the rest of the festival amenities. Space is limited. First came first serve basis. We dont provide electricity or sanitary facilities for these vehicles though and the use of electrical generators is forbidden. With this in mind, good practical advise would be to find a small solar rig and to come with your water tank full and your waste tanks empty!

+ Can I cook my own meals? Do you provide facilities for this?

There will be a basic communal kitchen with wood burning stoves available for use, but you will need to bring with you all the utensils, pots and pans you may need if you are intending to cook anything there. Please, respect the kitchen and clean after yourself. Dont bring bags full of supermarket items to the jungle. They produce an incredible amount of trash and by doing so you support the wealthy families of Panama instead of supporting the tribes, locals, like-minded vendors and tribal gathering team who make this extraordinary event possible. If you need to buy cooking ingredients use the veggie and convenience store onsite. Local tribal fishermen come each morning in their canoes (sea permitting) and sell their morning catch right from the beach. Our grocery shops are run by local and indigenous folk selling local food, vegetables, fruit etc, they have a lot of variety on offer, stuff you know and will possibly be trying for the first time, they are very poor and really do need the income. Supermarket items found during admission will be taken as a donation to the tribal kitchen.

+ Can I make a fire in my camp?

There is a strict no fire policy. We have a designated fire in the Global Village. These restrictions are for the safety of everyone, so please respect them. We want everyone at Tribal Gathering to feel safe in their campsites, day and night, for themselves and their children. The camping areas are only partially lit, so bring a flash light.

+ Is it cold at night? How much bedding do I need?

It never really gets very cold at night, but a sheet or light weight sleeping bag is recommended, as well as a thin jacket or long sleeve shirt... specially if its windy.

+ Are there showers and water taps? Is the water safe to drink?

There will be a washing facilities area with showers and taps. Showers are basic, but a real delight after days of dancing and playing in nature. Please, use only bio-degradable soap and detergent. Tribal Gathering will provide attendees with hand made soap when they arrive (until stock is finished). There is also several sinks with antibacterial soap for hand washing near each toilet block. Its extremely important in the tropics, and even more so at a festival, to wash your hands with soap after using the toilet and before you eat. This will keep you safe from uncomfortable tummy bugs and skin infections.

Beautiful, 3 stage filtered drinking water that is piped to site using only gravity from a stream in the jungle a couple of miles above the event is available for free. Bottled water can also be bought at the bars, but it comes in plastic bottles and the eco issues associated with such packaging. The choice of course is yours to make.

+ Are there doctors/paramedics and life guard onsite? Any safety tips?

Yes! We have a red cross team of doctors and paramedics with ambulance 24/7 and life guards during the daylight to keep you all safe. Bug repellent spray and sun screen could be handy for you to bring but they will also be available for sale on site. Watch out for sunburn, most attendees come from winter locations and skin is very white and not ready for long exposure to strong tropical sun. Beware! With the lovely sea breeze may not feel too hot, but will still burn your skin. Keep out of the bushes and overgrown areas to avoid crossing paths with snakes, tarantulas or scorpions. Its a jungle out there!

+ Are toilets clean and sanitary?

Yes! We have pretty neat composting toilets that get emptied and cleaned several times a day so they are disinfected and kept from bad smells. We provide plenty of toilet paper, hand sanitizer and garbage bin in each toilet cubicle. There is also a row of hand washing sinks and antibacterial soap right outside. Its extremely important in the tropics, and even more so at a festival, to wash your hands with soap after using the toilet and before you eat. This will keep you safe from uncomfortable tummy bugs and skin infections.



+ Can I buy food and drinks at the Gathering?

Tribal Gathering has around three bars, ten restaurants/cafes, a bakery/pizzeria, smoothie bar, chai shops and a couple of groceries shops. Meals styles will range from international cuisine, to local rice and beans. There will be mix of meaty, veggie, raw and vegan as well as a few food allergy options. Local tribal fishermen come each morning in their canoes (sea permitting) and sell their morning catch right from the beach. Most of our food is locally grown, reared etc. We ask that no supermarket food is bought on site as it lines the pockets of the already wealthy and brings with it a lot of rubbish. Our food shops are run by local and indigenous folk selling local food, vegetables, fruit etc, they have a lot of variety on offer, stuff you know and will possibly be trying for the first time, they are very poor and really do need the income. With this produce in mind we provide a communal cooking area, with wood burning stoves, so bring your pots and pans if you wish.

Beautiful, 3 stage filtered drinking water that is piped to site using only gravity from a stream in the jungle a couple of miles above the event is available for free. Bottled water can also be bought at the bars as well as other alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, but it comes in plastic bottles and the eco issues associated with such packaging. The choice of course is yours to make.

+ Is there an ATM at the festival site or nearby?

Unfortunately, not. The closest reliable ATM is in Sabanitas, more than 2 hours from the gathering, so please come prepared with ample cash for the duration of your stay.

+ Can I pay for food, drinks, services or market products with bank card or paypal?

During Tribal Gathering you must pay with the festival cashless payment system (pre-paid "TG credit") for all the Hub Desk Services, food, drinks and market vendors (except for the blanket vendors).There are different ways to top up your TG Credit account:

  1. At the Wavy TG Online Store, with paypal or credit card, from January onwards. We highly recommend to do so before you arrive to TG, so you can come in with your pre-paid credit ready in your account and save the hassle of having to wait in line at the desk or wait for the slow festival wifi to process the same purchase onsite.
  2. At the Hub Cash Desk onsite using your credit or debit card, paypal or cash. Opening hours are 10am to 10pm.
  3. There will also be a terminal kiosk to check you current credit and self top-up online when the Hub is closed.

Please, note that the festival services can be booked and paid directly at the online stores with paypal or credit card, before or during TG. TG Credit is only needed for these if you want to book them at the Hub Services Desk. Other than the blanket vendors, nobody is allowed to accept cash at the point of sale. Its mandatory all selling premises use the TG Credit System as the only form of payment. Please, dont ask them to break the rules for you. If you see or hear about someone breaking these rules dont hesitate to report it at the Hub. GeoParadise Charitable Fund receives a % of the gross sales coming via the TG Credit System, so when a cashier or vendor is selling to you directly for cash, is basically taking money away from the tribes projects fund and immediate action needs to be taken to correct this. Thank you for you cooperation on this matter.

+ Is there internet / wifi / cell phone signal onsite?

There is very limited WIFI service available for a cost and no phone service. Please do not plan on being able to work, or complete projects while at Tribal Gathering. Wifi works mainly for messaging and emails. No sending large files, pictures, videos or conference calls. Please advise family members you will be offline for the duration of the event. Take this opportunity to relax and detox from connectivity and social media. Enjoy the present moment and real human interactions, social network posting can wait. :)

+ Is there a safe storage for my stuff?

We offer locker service at the Hub Service Desk. You can pre-purchase it online at the Geo TG Store after the summer or if still available, you can purchase it onsite at the Hub. For small and valuable items (like passports, money, electronics) you can rent an individual self-managed locker, for medium and large items/bags we offer the shared locker room with 2 different plans:

  • "No access" (can only retrieve your item once when you are ready to leave)
  • "Unlimited Access" so you can come to the Hub desk and ask the volunteers working there to bring your belongings as many times as you need. Every move in and out will be registered and signed. Click here for the complete Terms and Conditions of this and other TG services.

+ Can I charge my electronic device onsite?

We offer charging of mobile devices and small electronics. You may pre purchase this service online or at the Hub. There will be available to book online after the summer. Cost for a full charge varies depending on the item size. You must provide the charger & cable. Click here for the complete Terms and Conditions of this and other TG services.



+ Can you tell me more about TG location and the services available in the area?

Tribal Gathering is in a very remote part of Panama on the Caribbean. Untouched beaches and landscapes, unique wildlife, flora and fauna. There are no services in villages around the event please come prepared. Nearest town with services is Sabanitas - just over 2 hours away. There are medical centers in Nombre de Dios and Portobelo and hospitals in the city of Colon. There is a petrol station in Miramar, 20 minutes from the festival location.

+ Is it safe to swim at the TG beach? What about surfing?

There is a reef directly in front of the festival location. To the East and West of the event there are beautiful protected bays that are much calmer for swimming. We ask that all guests swim in the lifeguard on duty area and adhere to any warning signs. The sea is very rough outside the designated safe areas. Although there are waves at the TG beach, we dont advice to surf on the reefs as it can damage these protected areas.

+ Are there lots of bugs onsite?

Bugs are not a huge issue here as its a windy area that time of the year. However we do recommend using bug repellent or citronella to help stop the spread of viruses. Bug repelent will be available for sale onsite.



+ What is the weather like at TG?

Weather is generally very hot, sunny and humid. Please protect your skin from the sun! Even on cloudy days you can get a nasty sunburn. Sun cream and aloe vera is available in our Care Center and at the market.

+ Is there any chance it may rain?

Generally the weather at TG is lovely, but there is always the chance it may rain for short periods of time. Some years more than others... These can be intense downpours (tropical style) followed by lovely blue sky minutes later, so ensure your tent is waterproof and well zipped up and that you are not camped extremely close to the ocean. The ocean can be unpredictable. All in all, dont worry, rain is not gonna stop you from enjoying Tribal Gathering. It can even be a refreshing and pleasurable experience in a hot and sweaty day!



+ Workshops

Starting March 1st running through till the end of the program on Sunday 15th March. There will be many workshops throughout the event. Indigenous workshops run mainly until March 8th. All workshops are free.

+ Open Mic Sessions

We will have Open Mic's - please bring your instruments and get involved!

+ Wellness

There will be a multitude of practitioners teaching and offering services such as massage, acupressure, sound healing, myofascial and much more. Private sessions are bookable on site for a cost at the Hub Services Desk.

+ Sweat Lodges

Nightly sweats with various elders from different backgrounds. Please, sign up as a volunteer if you are interested to help in tending the sweats.

+ Art Huts

Each day there will be multiple cultural art workshops. Make your own flute, weave and dye fabric, bead bracelets, make chocolate and all kinds of things! These are all free!



+ What kind of music will be played at TG?

The line up at Tribal Gathering offers a journey through time and space. Starting the week of with world music vibes and performances from our Tribal guests on the Global Stage, we will continue to build the vibes over the first week and weekend. Many incredible eclectic performances to check out. The Dance Celebration will take place from March 9th - 15th. The second stage will open on tuesday 10th with a multitude of electronic psychedelic dance acts.