TRAVELING TO PANAMA: There are three international airports in Panama but the biggest and closest to Tribal Gathering is Tocumen International Airport (PTY). It's approximately 3 hours to Tribal Gathering from the airport. Flying to Panama can be easy and affordable from almost anywhere in the world . Tocumen International Airport services many airlines with direct and indirect service .

Use one or two of the major search engines to compare and find the best flight or flight combination for you. Some of these search engines let you set up price drop alerts to your email. Based on previous experience, our travel team finds is best to book travel internationally 90 days prior to travel date. But for travel within the Latin Americas within 60 days.

If you are traveling from within Central America it is also possible to get here by bus from Costa Rica. Its a pretty long journey, but if flight prices are high at the time, it will save you hundreds of dollars.

VISA REQUIREMENTS: For Europe and much of the Americas you will only receive a stamp in your passport on arrival. This usually allows you to stay between three and six months in Panama as long as you passport expiration date is later than that. You are limited to driving only for three months. Make sure you come with an exit ticket and proof of sufficient funds to cover your expenses during your stay in the country. You can check this or this website for more information on your specific country's visa requirements.

Panama does not require any immunizations for entry to the country UNLESS you have been in countries affected by yellow fever. ex. Brazil, Colombia, etc. Yellow fever shot needs to be done at least 10 days before the departure date.




Getting to Albrook Bus Terminal
From Tocumen International Airport (PTY) a taxi cost $30, and 5$ more for each extra person. Make sure to agree the price with the driver before you jump in. Alternatively, you can walk to the bus stop outside the terminal a few hundred meters away and take a public bus for between $0.25-$1.25 depending on the number of stops.
From the city center a taxi should be around $3, although taxi drivers will ask for more if in rush hours (or will simply refuse to take you there). Also many bus routes go to the Bus Terminal ($0.25).
Another great alternative for traveling from Airport to the bus terminal or around the city, for similar or better prices than the taxis, are peer to peer car service companies like Uber.

From Panama city to Sabanitas
Take the public bus to Colon from Albrook Bus Terminal and hop off at the Sabanitas bus stop, next to the REY supermarket.
You have 2 options of buses:
Diablos Rojos: The colorful traditional buses of Panama. They start at 3:30 am and they run every 30 min.
Express Buses: Faster, more comfortable and with A/C. They start at 4:50 am and they run hourly.

From Sabanitas to Tribal Gathering
In Sabanitas bus stop you need to wait for the bus for Costa Arriba - Nombre de Dios - Palmira (which comes from Colon). It will take a few hours as the bus stops a lot. Not all the buses go all the way to Palmira and the festival so please ask the driver to make sure. Some end their service in Cuango and there are no taxis there. Currently only 3 buses per day serve Palmira and they are usually full of locals commuting, so it may be difficult to get in especially with so many TG attendees.

Alternatively, there are other buses (Costa Arriba - Guaira) that can take you to Portobelo, which is half way to Tribal Gathering from Sabanitas, and from there you can try find a taxi to the festival site (35km). If there is a few of you, this should be affordable, although this is even more inconvenient than the regular public bus.

We strongly advise all the travelers attending Tribal Gathering to book our official airport shuttles to avoid extended waiting times and an extremely long journey on the public bus, with uncertain capacity.

The price difference will make your trip hassle free and you will be supporting GeoParadise by helping offset the huge costs of transportation involved in bringing together tribes and artists from all over the world. Thank you for your contribution! :)


You can grab the bus to Costa Arriba - Nombre de Dios - Palmira directly from Colon Bus Terminal, no need to do the transfer in Sabanitas. See above the instructions to hop off. Departures times from Colon are around 7am, 11am and 3pm but delays are frequent and expected. and it may be difficult to get in the bus with the increased passenger traffic of other tribal gathering attendees



It's fairly easy to drive to Tribal Gathering from Panama city and the airport. You first need to follow signs for Corredor Norte and Colon, this will get you out of Panama city or away from the airport. You will need to have a Panapass sticker in your card to be able to go in the highway and corredor norte and sur of panama city. Cash payments are no longer permitted. All rental cars have them, make sure you top up yours before hitting the road to avoid fines.

Once on Corredor Norte Colon highway drive for approximately 45 minutes pass the final "cash only" toll and turn to Sabanitas exit. Follow the road for several minutes till you come to a Rey supermarket. Turn right follow the road 3 km and turn right following signs to Portobelo. Stay on this road for 40 km passing through Portobelo until another right turn for Palenque, stay on this road all the way to Cuango where a right turn will take you onto the new road to Playa Chiquita/Palmira, several more km's and your there. Phew! Probably better still if you get a phone chip in Panama city and use your map although the phone signal will disappear in certain areas and past Playa Chiquita.