Tribal Gathering
18 days on the most beautiful Caribbean beach. Over 150 international music acts on three stages. Cabaret, circus & carnival curiosities to delight your senses.
60 tribes from the farthest reaches of the globe.



Thank you to all the volunteers who have worked tirelessly to make this happen.
Thank you to all the attendees. Without your help none of this would be possible.
Thank you to all the artists who reduce their fees, came for free and helped make this such a creative journey.
And thank you to all the tribes. Your trust and determination has ensured Tribal Gathering is the fun filled community of learning and love it has become.






The north coast of Panama has a raw unexplored quality. Large swaths of exotic jungle sweep down to the coast. The flora and fauna is amazing, monkeys, sloth, jaguar, cayman and a multitude of colorful birds. The region has a cultural blend of local indigenous aboriginals and afro Caribbean's. Getting here is relatively simple.

Approximately 3 hours from Tocumen International Airport. Buses are regular and cheap or if you want it easier we provide a shuttle service to and from the site.

In the time honored tradition of the circus, vaudeville and burlesque shows. Fall in love with mermaids and gasp in shock as the daredevil trapeze artists fly over your heads.


With over 200 workshops running throughout Tribal gathering you will not be left wanting....!


Tribal Skill Exchange

body movement


socio economic insights

Traditional foods



Traditional instruments

tribal dances

Making chicha

Music production

Local Marine Ecology

Tribal Culture


Cocoa & Chocolate Making

Medicinal herbs



Sustainable Agro Forestry


and much more

Acupressure, massage, sound healing, aqua therapy, life coaching, myo-fascial, energy work and more to balance your mind, body, and spirit.


Carving, weaving, dream catchers, tribal body painting, indigenous jewelry, shamanic art, textiles, natural fabric dyes, making spears & arrows, ...


Temazcal, sweat lodges, water rituals, chicha celebrations, tea & cacao ceremonies, plant medicine and more...
Cacao Ceremonies.png
Tea Ceremonies.png



Tribal Gathering official catering consists in three bars, a restaurant, a chai-shop, a smoothie bar and a pizzeria/bakery. There are also a bunch of food stalls in our Vendors Market, both local and from abroad.


Drinking water

Beautiful, 3 stage filtered drinking water that is piped to site using only gravity from a stream in the jungle a couple of miles above the event is available for free. Bottled water can also be bought at the bars, but it comes in plastic bottles and the eco issues associated with such packaging. The choice of course is yours to make.


Local food

Meals styles will range from international cuisine, to local rice and beans. There will be mix of meaty, veggie, raw and vegan as well as a few food allergy options.

Local tribal fishermen come each morning in their canoes (sea permitting) and sell their morning catch right from the beach. Most of our food is locally grown, reared etc.. Apart from the garlic (China) I know right?


Sustainable practices

We ask that no supermarket food is bought on site as it lines the pockets of the already wealthy and brings with it a lot of rubbish. Our food shops are run by local and indigenous folk selling local food, vegetables, fruit etc, they have a lot of variety on offer, stuff you know and will possibly be trying for the first time, they are very poor and really do need the income. With this produce in mind we provide a communal cooking area, with wood burning stoves, so bring your pots and pans if you wish.


TG kids

Tribal Gathering is a kid friendly event: natural and safe environment with many activities in the eco-cultural program suitable for the little ones, specially the arts, crafts and hands-on workshops. A truly magical place where they can experience many different cultures sharing with one another in a symbiotic way. The festival provides a profound sense of respect and harmony between cultures of the Earth which we believe is crucial for our future.

Tribal Gathering does not offer childcare services or babysitting. Parents are at all times responsible for their kids. We encourage parents to self organize and be pro-active to make the children's area an interesting space. There are also plenty of fun activities in Panama for families to partake before and after Tribal Gathering... All in all, this is an opportunity like no other to enjoy a family holiday together!

Children who are 14 years old or younger can come for free accompanied by an adult.
Tribal Gathering will provide an amount of free meals and drinks credits for kids 5 years old and under. Come to the info desk to get yours!




the charity behind tribal gathering

Tribal Gathering is the main charitable project of the public charity GeoParadise, but things dont stop here!

With the donations collected from Tribal Gathering participants, we run outreach programs throughout the year with the tribes in attendance.


Tribal Gathering is also a cooperative platform where charitable projects are inspired for the following season and we all get the chance to involve ourselves in the creative process.

Such intercultural support network is only possible thanks to the unique cultural blend found at Tribal Gathering. We are stoked to see it growing steadily year after year into the thriving global community that is today…. a tribal family with no borders, looking after each other and protecting our planet!