Tribal Gathering
18 days on the most beautiful Caribbean beach. Over 150 international music acts on three stages. Cabaret, circus & carnival curiosities to delight your senses.
60 tribes from the farthest reaches of the globe.


Thank you to all the volunteers who have worked tirelessly to make this happen.
Thank you to all the attendees. Without your help none of this would be possible.
Thank you to all the artists who reduce their fees, came for free and helped make this such a creative journey.
And thank you to all the tribes. Your trust and determination has ensured Tribal Gathering is
the fun filled community of learning and love it has become.


Nowhere on earth can you experience the collective wisdom of over 60 tribes from 30 countries in one place. From the deepest jungles, mountains, inaccessible savanas and remote islands. This is the most international gathering of tribes on earth.

It is a massive undertaking.
Our team works tirelessly throughout the year raising the funds to cover the travel expenses while dealing with a host of governments and agencies to bring all these amazing people to Tribal Gathering.
In the time honored tradition of the circus, vaudeville and burlesque shows. Fall in love with mermaids and gasp in shock as the daredevil trapeze artists fly over your heads.

Gemma currently works in London as a full time freelance circus freak. She graduated from Leeds
Bretton Hall with an acting degree and a head full of magic. She spends her time performing as various different characters at various different venues around the UK and abroad. As well as clowning, immersive performance, fire and some comedy character performer. sideshow, Gemma is an amazingly versatile.

Aurora Star, circus, burlesque, aerial artist meets sword wielding pyro mistress: Specialising in aerial, fire and a variety of circus skills. Hailing from Puerto Rico, this half Phillipino, quarter English and quarter Welsh performer certainly provides variety in all her acts. Aurora loves to incorporate danger and decadence, merging her love of Circus & Burlesque to create unique and spectacular stage shows.
Since training in the UK, she has carved a place for herself on the international circuit. This pyro mistress has mesmerized audiences all over the globe in over 20 countries with her killer moves and dare devil stunts; her unique sultry style and flair for the unusual are not to be missed. Aurora Starr is a key performer for Slamboree.

Oceane Sunniva Peillet

Sununu Is an international Venezuelan fire performer specializing in fast spinning tricks for thelast 12 years. While traveling through the amazon on the way to Roraima mountain he met a local tribe that inspired some of the tricks he now performs.

Bella Tricks is a hooper, cabaret artist, festival performer and corporate entertainer. She has notable YouTube videos and has graced hundreds of stages internationally with her act, blending circus / multi hooping and fire. Expect bright LED hoops as a key feature, with sprinklings of acrobatics and big tricks with 8 hoops. She has performed her street show on world wide international circuits at festivals such as the Edinburgh Fringe and has worked with companies like Bezerkas Circus, Smile, Sneaky experience, Pastiche entertainment to name a few. Bella is a key performer of Slamboree.

Scott works as a professional actor and compere in London and describes himself as “a psychopomp extraordinaire” who “melts words into rehabongitated conflatulations”. He regularly excorsises the archetypes in ritualistic performance through witty banter and derring-do speeches. His past roles include but are not limited to; Cult leader, Freemason, Serial killer ,Halloween High Priest, The Mad Hatter, The lion who ate Samson, Steampunk prostitute engineer surgeon, A rat.

Described as “a spell binding and bedazzling enchantress who will leave you beguiled and reeling in her wake”, circus showgirl Betty Machete creates a spectacle which has led her to entertain audiences all over the world. A heady combination of circus training, incredible costumes and a love of the weird and wonderful can be seen in performances ranging from elegant burlesque and ethereal aerial to strange walkabout characters and darkly twisted fetish fire shows. Skills: Aerial / Fire (hula hoop / fans / spinning / body burning / breathing) / Hulahoops / Burlesque / Candlewax Fetish Sideshow / Character Walkabout.

Daredevil Heavy Metal Pete has been whip cracking, sword swallowing, playing with fire, and astounding his audiences worldwide for over a decade. He started his career by running away to join the circus, and his time with the circus confirmed his love of the stage. He hasn't looked back since. Combining circus, sideshow and contortion skills, whether he's eating fire in Shanghai, or terrifying rock god Alice Cooper, he never fails to excite and delight the crowd. Able to move effortlessly from charmingly mischievous, to irresistibly unsettling and anywhere in between, he's recently been entertaining audiences in the prestigious Cafe Des Paris, at Glastonbury Festival, A Curious Invitation, the Double R Club and Cirque Le Soir. Heavy Metal Pete is also a key performer for Slamboree.

Justine is an international contemporary circus artist of aerial and acrobatic performance, inspired through dance to create bespoke and expansive work , for the stage, the air, from small to large scale productions and events.

Joe Strouzer is an actor and blues musician who sings of his travels from Newcastle to New Orleans and a hell of a lot of places in between. His driving resonator guitar is coupled with true harmonica voodoo and biting songwriting of modern trouble, heart pains, moonlit trysts, drinking and devilment, peppered with a rich history of blues. Also an artist and illustrator Joe will take on the role of the gypsy pirate tattoo artist in the Circus and Cabaret area.

Jo Moss

Truan is an experienced and versatile performer working across the worlds of indoor and outdoor theatre, walkabout, cabaret and corporate. Combining physical and verbal comedy with high level juggling skills Truan specialises in performing with explosive fire juggling and magical crystal ball manipulation.

Kwabana Lindsey

Kino McDonald: Partner acro, fire, dance, character performer.

Multi talented circus performer and hat juggler

Doug Francisco is a founder member and ring master of The Invisible Circus. Known for his pioneering conceptual work and his magnetism in the ring, he is also a formidable character actor, bringing charisma, depth, showmanship and mischief to a kaleidoscopic spectrum of circus, theatre and film productions.

Having been involved in the arts from a young age, Baby D was always fascinated with the circus. In 2015 he joined Happy Slap Boutique as a performer and artist, and moved to London to study prop making. Baby D overlaps prop making skills with performance to create large surreal characters and costumes for events across London and the UK. His performance focuses on clowning, character work, drag, sideshow, and circus. His creations and costumes range from giant clowns to 8 eyed monsters and puppets. Yet, they are all eye catching, unique and playful; usually incorporating over the top features and colors, reminiscent of puppets and toys.

Worlds Tallest Will: Captain Bubble is a world-class Bubbleologist who incorporates magic, storytelling, games, slapstick, circus skills and puppets in an entertaining, interactive and enthralling bubble show for kids and adults of all ages!

Ms Merlin: Amazing multi talented circus and hoop performer.

Cameron started working as a juggler in 2010 for Surefire Circus Theatre, working at various events and festivals across the UK. Eventually he moved more towards stage management and he is currently the stage manager Happy Slap Boutique and Civilised Mess. Cameron is the stage manager, fire marshall and performer for Slamboree.

 Performance artist Amy Statik uses her skills in costume and art to create shows which blur between cabaret and fashion show. Working with her designs to create otherworldly experiences and artistic takes on characters which portray a range of emotions. Freaky and alien, weird and wonderful, you never know quite what you going to get!

Performance artist Amy Statik uses her skills in costume and art to create shows which blur between cabaret and fashion show. Working with her designs to create otherworldly experiences and artistic takes on characters which portray a range of emotions. Freaky and alien, weird and wonderful, you never know quite what you going to get!

Delia Muir trained as an actor at Bretton Hall. Since graduating in 2007, she has worked across the UK as performer, creator, director and workshop leader. She has experience of performing in a wide range of environments including community spaces, night clubs, corporate events and festivals.
She has worked extensively with Civilised Mess Theatre Company, providing both on stage cabaret acts, and walkabout performances with maximum audience interaction. Delia specialises in character performance, comedy and physical theatre. She also performs aerial hoop, glow and fire acts. Alongside her career as a performer, Delia works at a leading UK University. Her university role focuses on using performance to start public conversations about health.

Imogen Huzel

Astra Beck: Aerial hoop, silks, pole performer.

Joe Levi is a musician, writer and actor originally from the rural English Countryside. His varied career has seen him as a founding member of surreal comedy collective The Animals of Butter Bridge, guitarist and singer in psychedelic rock band The Jungfraus and as a festival performer with Civilised Mess and Happy Slap Boutique in addition to roles in independent films.
Joe currently resides in Los Angeles where he has lived for the past 3 years. Here he has composed soundtracks for screen and stage as well as releasing music both with his new band The Village Fate' and under his own name. Joe and his wife Kristina will be working on surreal comedy duos for immersive installations and cabaret acts at Tribal Gathering.

Kristina Drager is an Actor from East Coast of the US. Coming from a classical backround, she has starred in roles like Rosalind (As You Like It), Queen Isabella (Edward II), and Masha (The Seagull). Her more modern roles include Harper Pitt (Angels in America), Bernadette (Raised in Captivity, and Jo March (Little Women).
After relocating to Los Angeles, Kristina continued to work in the theatre, joining City Garage, an absurdist theatre company. There, she worked on adaptations of King Lear where she played Goneril (Lear) and The Master and Margerita where she played Margerita (Moskva). Now, focusing more on film Kristina is in place to shoot two feature films next year, an adaption of Titus Andronicus where she will play Lavinia and an original titled “Hooked”. Kristina also plays keyboards in LA based psychedelic folk band The Village Fate. Kristina will be working on surreal double act characters with her husband Joe Levi for the installation spaces at Tribal Gathering as well as some musical cabaret acts.

Ocelus has been DJing and producing music for over ten years, playing and hosting nights and festivals across the UK and abroad. His extensive repportoire of DJing styles makes him one of the most versatile and unique to hear. As the musical director for Civilised Mess Ltd and Happy Slap Boutique, he has developed a keen interest in combining music with performance and visual media. His own musical productions have a cinematic edge to them and take you beyond the common simplicity of modern dance music. Ocelus will be designing atmospheric soundscapes to accompany the interactive experiences and music to accompany the acts.

This is Imogen Macrae, her main discipline is cloud swing and is also an all-round amazing aerialist and character performer

workshops_banner 3.png
With over 200 workshops running throughout Tribal gathering you will not be left wanting....!


Tribal Skill Exchange

body movement


socio economic insights

Traditional foods



Traditional instruments

tribal dances

Making chicha

Music production

Local Marine Ecology

Tribal Culture


Cocoa & Chocolate Making

Medicinal herbs



Sustainable Agro Forestry


and much more

Acupressure, massage, sound healing, aqua therapy, life coaching, myo-fascial, energy work and more to balance your mind, body, and spirit.
Sweat lodges, water rituals, plant ceremonies, chicha celebrations and more...
Carving, weaving, dream catchers, tribal body painting, indigenous jewelry, shamanic art, textiles, natural fabric dyes, making spears & arrows, ...
Tribal-Gathering-workshops .jpg

We have around three bars, ten cafes, a bakery and a few food shops.
Meals styles will range from international cuisine, to local rice and beans. There will be mix of meaty, veggie, raw and vegan as well as a few food allergy options.


Drinking water

Beautiful, 3 stage filtered drinking water that is piped to site using only gravity from a stream in the jungle a couple of miles above the event is available for free. Bottled water can also be bought at the bars, but it comes in plastic bottles and the eco issues associated with such packaging. The choice of course is yours to make.

kuna cayuco.jpg

Local food

Meals styles will range from international cuisine, to local rice and beans. There will be mix of meaty, veggie, raw and vegan as well as a few food allergy options.

Local tribal fishermen come each morning in their canoes (sea permitting) and sell their morning catch right from the beach. Most of our food is locally grown, reared etc.. Apart from the garlic (China) I know right?

kuna cayuco.jpg

Sustainable practices

We ask that no supermarket food is bought on site as it lines the pockets of the already wealthy and brings with it a lot of rubbish. Our food shops are run by local and indigenous folk selling local food, vegetables, fruit etc, they have a lot of variety on offer, stuff you know and will possibly be trying for the first time, they are very poor and really do need the income. With this produce in mind we provide a communal cooking area, with wood burning stoves, so bring your pots and pans if you wish.


TG kids

Tribal Gathering is a kid friendly event: natural and safe environment with many activities in the eco-cultural program suitable for the little ones, specially the arts, crafts and hands-on workshops. A truly magical place where they can experience many different cultures sharing with one another in a symbiotic way. The festival provides a profound sense of respect and harmony between cultures of the Earth which we believe is crucial for our future.

Tribal Gathering does not offer childcare services or babysitting. Parents are at all times responsible for their kids. We encourage parents to self organize and be pro-active to make the children's area an interesting space. There are also plenty of fun activities in Panama for families to partake before and after Tribal Gathering... All in all, this is an opportunity like no other to enjoy a family holiday together!

Children who are 14 years old or younger can come for free accompanied by an adult.
Tribal Gathering will provide free meals and drinks credits for kids 5 years old and under.
Come to the info desk to get yours!



The north coast of Panama has a raw unexplored quality. Large swaths of exotic jungle sweep down to the coast. The flora and fauna is amazing, monkeys, sloth, jaguar, cayman and a multitude of colorful birds. The region has a cultural blend of local indigenous aboriginals and afro Caribbean's. Getting here is relatively simple.

Approximately 3 hours from Tocumen International Airport. Buses are regular and cheap or if you want it easier we provide a shuttle service to and from the site.



the charity behind tribal gathering

Tribal Gathering is the main charitable project of the public charity GeoParadise, but things dont stop here!

With the donations collected from Tribal Gathering participants, we run outreach programs throughout the year with the tribes in attendance.


Tribal Gathering is also a cooperative platform where projects are inspired and we all get the chance to involve ourselves in this creative process.